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Fusion 2.0 in bright white and pheasant

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The Fusion 2.0 is a salute to the original Karhu 'Fusion' model from 1996, when it was the top running shoe in the collection. To bring back the 'Fusion' from the archives, Karhu reworked the model with its original designer and launched it as the fusion 2.0. This item was produced by Karhu which is a Finnish sports brand that was established in 1916. The brand is also known for selling the iconic '3 stripes' to Adidas in the 1950s.

Karhu Speckled Pack

EVA is the most common midsole material used in running footwear. This shock-absorbing foam is soft, light, and flexible and can be made in numerous densities. With this shoe, Karhu decided to make the EVA part firmer and to make the harder density more visible, a marbled or speckled treatment was given to it, so it was clearly visible that there was a difference in density.  

Over the years, running shoes became lifestyle shoes, and the speckled treatment also became a way to decorate the midsoles. With that being said we are proud to present to you the “Speckled” Pack to celebrate this detail.

Materials: Pigskin suede and water-repellent nylon

Colors: Bright white and pheasant